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Caring for Emotions - Gestures of Compassion 

You are cordially invited to join the online 14-sessions course, which presents unique teaching based on the book "Caring" by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche.


The course focuses on ways of caring for our emotional patterns by understanding the role communication and language play in setting these patterns. The process that automatically leads us to emotionality is directly experienced and explored, promoting an understanding of choices we can make to alter the outcome of our patterns.

You will learn to protect your heart and head from your own negativity as you practice a caring approach to dissolving and transforming emotionality. The experiential methods of this course, which include meditation, sharing, and Tibetan yoga, provides a healing foundation to more fully explore caring for ourselves and our world by:

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* Exploring our inner conditions that result in emotional reactivity.
* Learning and discovering how emotional patterns really happen.
* Practicing an attitude of unconditional acceptance that can heal emotions.
* Facing the challenges of transforming negativity.
* Discovering and immersing into the language of the heart.
* Applying the process of healing emotions during our daily life.

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Schedule of the course:

The course includes 14 weekly online sessions. The first meeting will take place on .

You can consult this site for the accurate time in the different time zones.

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Barbara Belew

Barbara Belew Ph.D. in Psychology is a Clinical Psychologist with more than 40 years of teaching and clinical experience. As a member of the Odiyan Retreat Programs Faculty, she is a co-developer of the curriculum and classes for this course.   She is one of the editors of the ‘Caring’ book. Barbara resides most of the year at the Odiyan Retreat Centre in Northern California.

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About the presenters


The course will be presneted by two teachers:


"Caring for Emotions" teachings offered me the possibility in a new way, to learn, through the eyes and language of the Heart, how to look, embrace, explore, and transform my patterns of emotionality in my daily life experiences. As a turning point, the power of the healing quality of Caring, made a real difference in my awareness, my way of reacting, bringing me more space, balance, and strength".


Betch Furtado.

Helena Gold

B.A in Education has been a Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche student since 1986. She serves as a Nyingma Centers International director since 2009. For the last 12 years, she has been living in Odiyan Retreat Center. Helena is the coordinator of Odiyan Retreat Center Programs and of the Caring Path Program.

Contacts information

Contact person for any questions or requests:

Itzhak Preiss email

Israeli phone and on Signal

WhatsApp number +31-6-24464500

The Cost of the course

The cost of the course is 720 NIS or 180 Euro or 210 USD

The number of participants in the retreat is limited to 20.

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